PERSONALIZED Training & Coaching

Are you looking for some one-on-one training with the best coaches? This is your opportunity to perfect your training and racing with a proven fitness professional. Fitness Quest Bootcamp (“FQB”) offers athletes of all levels personalized 1-on-1 coaching that will supply you with the individualized attention that you need to succeed.

If you’re not interested in competing in a marathon or triathlon, but still know you need to workout, FQB can help you get more out of the time you spend training. Your personal trainer will custom-design a program to increase your fitness levels – no matter your current level! You will also get help in other areas including treadmill, elliptical, home-gym, routines, strength training/conditioning, weight loss, and much more! Your trainer will provide workouts and structure that enhance your enjoyment of the activities that you already do, as well as giving you suggestions for added exercise options.

Your Coaches will address your individual needs associated with your specific goals and then help you to develop a plan and the skills needed to get there.  Below is a summary of the services offered;

  • Initial assessment, consultation, evaluation, and documentation
  • Receive personal attention, instruction, and motivation
  • Learn proper technique and form
  • Build a progressive plan with your coach
  • Performance testing and tracking
  • Easy to follow training plans with prescribed duration, intensity, and frequency
  • Sports nutrition, fueling, and hydration
  • Training plans for fitness and performance
  • Meal plans and nutrition guidance

Each session is tailored to the athletes’ needs. So, let us what you want to cover and we design a lesson plan that will address your concerns and help you reach your goal.

The Fitness Quest Bootcamp coaches use the proven principles of periodized training and specificity to develop your aerobic base, increase your lactate threshold, Vo2max, and strength. Your goals are assessed, your limiting factors are addressed, and then a plan is designed to bring you to your peak fitness. Utilizing the latest research and training techniques, FQB coaches are there for you every step of the way.

Located in downtown Sacramento, we offer in-home personal training in addition to several outdoor locations where we can meet with you for your sessions(s). And, we offer a variety of payment plans/options to meet your needs.

Get more results out of each training hour with Personalized Coaching from FQB.

For more information about these services or to get going, please click HERE to learn how to get started with your free consultation.

2021 Rates Personal Training Options

Individual Sessions: $80/ea.

5-Session Package:  $375.

10-Session Package:  $675.

4-Session Get Started Package:  Includes intake, personalized training plan, meal plan, and 4 x 1:1 training sessions.  Only $279!

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