Run Club @ McKinley Park

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Run Club @ McKinley Park

is designed for anyone wishing to have fun while getting better at the sport of running.  This Club will foster Sacramento local/McKinley Park runners and walkers to meet up, workout together, and learn the elements of an efficient run form.  Run Club meets every Wednesday evening (6:00 pm) at McKinley Park.

Run Club Workout Features

Dynamic Warm-up:  This type of warm-up is what most professional athletes are doing before beginning their workout.  Proper warm-up and stretching will improve performance and reduce your risk for injury.

Run Form Drills:  The run stride is broken into its components with various drills; we call these the A-B-C’s of running.  Improved muscle recruitment and coordination will lead to running faster and more efficiently.

Run Strength Drills:  Build your lateral strength/stability, add horse-power, and increase endurance.  These drills will not only make your run “stronger” but, they will also help you reduce your risk for getting a running related injury.

Focused Run Workout:  Each week a specific run lesson plan will be prepared and presented.  Having a “run strategy” will get you more out of every run workout; no more “junk miles”!  Features will include pace running, heart-rate zone running, intervals, steady-state, recovery, and much more!  Beginner (walk/run), intermediate (run/walk), and advanced (run only) run lesson plans will be offered at each workout.

Run Coaching:  Each athlete will receive some personalized run coaching at every workout.  Get real-time feed-back on your form, balance, symmetry, stride length/rate, and much more!  If you have never had run coaching before, this will improve your run after your 1st session, guaranteed!

Run Club Benefits

  • Doing run strength and run form drills will make your run stronger and more efficient.
  • Proper run form and additional run strength will help you be less likely to get injured.
  • Running with a group will give you the chance to meet new running partners and push yourself.
  • If you need a recovery run, you will have other athletes to enjoy that workout with.
  • Having a run lesson plan will get you more out of every mile.
  • Run Club is like hiring a private run coach at a fraction of the cost.
  • Getting personalized run coaching will improve your run form, strength, and speed, guaranteed!

Schedule and Location

Day:  Every Wednesday (rain or shine).  We will take Holiday’s off.

Time:  6:00 pm – 7:00 pm ++

Dynamic Warm-up:  6:05 pm – 6:10 pm.

Run Form Drills:  6:10 pm – 6:20 pm.

Run Strength Drills:  6:20 pm – 6:30 pm.

Focused Run Workout:  6:30 pm – until you are done.

Where:  3330 McKinley Blvd, McKinley Park running track.

Membership Dues

New Athletes:  1st workout FREE with just RSVP.

Drop-in: $15/workout.

Monthly:  $40 (any consecutive 4 weeks).

Annual:  200 (any consecutive 12 months).

Register on-line NOW

RSVP for your FREE workout here.

Run Club is more that just a run workout!  Join Run Club and you will learn how to run better, meet and establish new running partners, and build run your strength/stamina!

Join anytime!

All levels of runners and walkers are welcome!

fitness bootcamp

Post workout stretching is key to injury prevention.

fitness bootcamp

fitness bootcamp

Run form drills improve efficiency.