Ana Castro

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Ana Castro


Ana is a certified personal trainer and Tabata Bootcamp instructor.  She became “addicted” to outdoor fitness after she realized how fast her body was responding and how amazing it felt to exercise with others in the great outdoors!

Ana is fun and energetic to be around and her energy is definitely contagious!



Ana’s Specialties are:

  • Helping others become aware of their relationship with food (are you really hungry? Or bored/sad/stressed?)
  • Helping her clients choose the right types of food for lasting change (choose whole, organic foods…limit the amount of processed food)
  • Teaching and sharing the importance of meal preparation.
  • Leading and assisting group workouts.


  • 1:1 private in-home/personal training
  • Meal plans & Grocery Store 101:  How to shop and prepare healthy meals.
  • Call or email for rates.


Phone:  916.680.4944