Fitness Quest Bootcamp

Fitness Quest Bootcamp is designed to help you take the first step toward a healthy lifestyle. Get started, get in shape, get strong, lose weight, and enjoy the motivation that you need to realize your fitness transformation!

Who is Fitness Quest Bootcamp for?

We design workouts that are appropriate for ALL fitness levels, and anyone looking to “get in shape”, improve their body composition, lose unwanted pounds, or improve their athletic fitness to cross-train for a race. The workouts are always uniquely different, and specifically designed to keep the “muscle confusion” going. Plus, working out outdoors in a group setting is a lot more fun than being in a crowded gym!

What is the workout all about?

The focus of the workouts is total body fitness, functional movement, and having fun while getting fit! Each workout features a dynamic warm-up, functional movement/strength training, cardiovascular challenges, high intensity interval training (“HIIT”), yoga elements, agility/obstacle course work, “fun & games”, and much more.

So, if you are looking to make a transformation in weight loss and fitness, or simply want to improve your endurance, flexibility, and feel stronger, Fitness Quest Bootcamp can help you achieve your goals! Anything is possible if you are willing to get outside your comfort zone and try something new!

Fitness Quest’s Staff

Our professional coaches have been helping people attain a healthy active lifestyle for over 17 years. We have helped hundreds of people accomplish their goals and change their lives. We are excited to help you get in the best shape of your life…so, now is the time to let your fitness quest begin!   Health and wellness are truly our passion and we look forward to making the Fitness Quest Bootcamp workout the highlight of your week!

Class Schedule

Fitness Quest Bootcamp meets 4x per week;

  • Monday:  6:00 pm – 7:00 pm.
  • Tuesday:  6:00 pm – 7:00 pm.
  • Wednesday:  6:00 pm – XX.
  • Thursday:  6:00 pm – 7:15 pm.
  • Friday/Saturday/Sunday:  off.


Weekly Workout Focus

Each day of the week will have specific theme and focus.  The below descriptions include details of what you may experience on any given “themed” workout;

Monday:  De-tox Workout.  This workout will focus on helping you “de-tox” from the weekend and get your body moving again.  Expect a full-body strength/conditioning workout combined with a positive message to guide your focus for the week.

Tuesday:  Strength Training.  This workout will feature focused strength moves.  Build strength, add horse-power, pump iron!

Wednesday:  Cardio & Agility.  The focus for this workout will be the most important muscle in your body; your HEART!  This workout will be loaded with cardio, agility, walking/running, and heart-pumping moves!

Thursday:  Anchor Workout.  This will be your week in fitness “closer”.  Functional fitness, strength, cardio, and core will all be included in this monster of a workout!

Note:  All workouts are “rain or shine” and we take holiday’s off.


Workout Location

Class meets at the front entrance of the Shepard Garden and Arts Center (3330 McKinley Blvd., Sacramento, 95819). The workout will be on the Garden Center patio and on the Park grass.  We will be outside “in the park” when it’s not raining.  When it is raining, you won’t get wet because we meet on the covered patio at the Center.  Look for the FQB tent!


Workout Features

Each workout is specifically formulated to fit every fitness level, from very beginner to advanced.  The following summarizes what you can expect at any given workout:

  • Dynamic warm-up:  Prepare your body for your workout as you improve balance and functional movement.
  • High Intensity Interval Training:  “HIIT” is the state-of-the-art in fitness.  Improve your strength, cardio, and endurance.
  • Yoga & Stretching:  Conclude your workout with proper warm-down, guided post-workout stretching, and kick-off the recovery process.
  • All levels welcome:  Enjoy exercise modifications to fit your fitness and flexibility level.
  • Get personalized attention:  Receive real-time ques on proper form and technique.
  • Monthly Fitness Testing:  Track your progress and see real results!
  • Meet new people:  Establish new friends and enjoy the fun of working out with a group.


Recommended Equipment

Run apparel/shoes, water bottle, large towel/yoga mat, some clothing layers/jacket for after Class (cold weather), and a heart rate monitor (if you have one).

Membership Options:  HERE


New Athlete Special:  Only:  $19 or $39!

New athletes can take advantage of our promotional membership which grants you access to Fitness Quest Bootcamp 1x per week for 5 weeks (beginning your first workout) or 5 workouts, whichever comes first.  Or, you can get 10 workouts for only $39!


Let your fitness journey begin!



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